Dynamic Payesh company, utilizing its business partners in Asia and Europe, has been converted to one of the largest and most prestigious supplying companies in paper industry. The company, taking the advantage of extensive connections, experienced experts, liable partners and also a strong data base of the most prestigious and predominant paper manufacturers, has been able to provide various types of machinery and equipment, with inquiries from the best and the highest quality domestic and foreign manufacturers and provide them to its costumers.
Among the services of the company in paper trade are as follows:
o Importing a full paper manufacturing and used paper recycling line with European and Asian brands
o Importing various types of paper
o Importing required equipment for the line
o Supplying spare parts for paper and pulp manufacturing line
o The full transfer of manufacturing line of the factory
o Implementation, packaging, transportation
o Providing various types of fluted paper, test liner, 2-sided color paper and Iranian simple paper, provinding paper dyes
(Reselling and distribution representative for anionic and cationic dyes of Turkey’s Burboya company in Iran) and paper additives, starch, Zarin Pack, alum, AKD, etc.

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